PAXCDS10-RED LION CONTROLS- Accessory Dual Setpoint Relay Output for PAX

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Accessory - RED LION CONTROLS - รุ่น PAXCDS - เอาท์พุต - Dual Setpoint Relay Output
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The PAX and MPAX series has 4 available setpoint alarm output plug-in cards. Only one of these cards can be installed at a time. (Logic state of the outputs can be reversed in the programming.) These plug-in cards include:

PAXCDS10 - Dual Relay, FORM-C, Normally open & closed

PAXCDS20- Quad Relay, FORM-A, Normally open only

PAXCDS30- Isolated quad sinking NPN open collector

PAXCDS40- Isolated quad sourcing PNP open collector

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