SKU: 128270
DIN-Rail Mounting Switching Power Supply, Input 100~240VAC, Power Output 60W, Voltage Output 24VDC, Current Output 2.5ADC
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  • Small Sized, DIN-Rail Mount Power Supply With LED Display
  • Ultra-compact size.
  • 3-digit, 7-segment LED display shows status at a glance for output voltage, output current, peak current, lifetime years, and run time hours.
  • Incorporates a maintenance forecast monitor that displays the remaining life of the power supply, displayed in years.
  • Run-Time monitor model displays how long the output has been on, displayed in thousands of hours.
  • 90 W and above model has two outputs; one for undervoltage output and the other is for either the lifetime monitor or run time monitor.
  • Approved by UL, cUL, UL508 listed, Class 2 output (60 W only).
  • SEMI F47 approved.
  • CE marked.
  • Three year warranty.


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